You learn the names of the galaxies as you recite His ninety-nine names.

BY : ARFA MASIHUDDIN, M.B.B.S., BATCH XX. Emotions are funny companions. They twist and turn the peace of your mind and drive you dangerously through life. Much like an over-excited bus driver racing his queen (you know the one with some eye-catchy Urdu poetry adorned on its back? Yes, that one!) through the broken roads of Karachi, jamming to the latest Bollywood song. This picture that you see here isn’t something extraordinary. It’s a very mundane moment captured as an expression of disguised vulnerability. This man – his back to us – may have a family back home that awaits … Continue reading You learn the names of the galaxies as you recite His ninety-nine names.

Valedictory Speech, Convocation’18 Ziauddin University.

BY : DR. AMSH SAIF, M.B.B.S., BATCH XVIII. Distinguished Guests, Faculty, beloved Family, Friends and finally my Fellow Graduates. Good morning and As Salaam Alaikum. Time is a slippery thing isn’t it? It passes so very slowly if you’re aware of its presence, and all too quickly if you’re unaware of it ! It seemed only Yesterday, that the emerald envelope was delivered  to us. How our trembling hands undid the seal; the frantic way we weaved through line after line of text, and the wave of relief that washed over us as the word ‘accepted’ came into focus. I’m … Continue reading Valedictory Speech, Convocation’18 Ziauddin University.

Psychotherapy session # 16

BY: DR HAIDER A. NAQVI, PROFESSOR AT THE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY, ZIAUDDIN UNIVERSITY. Bereavement counselling. “Its a privilege for me that you have shared your grief of loosing a loved one with me. Thankyou. Grief is such a personal thing. It’s what you tell yourself, not what others tell you, which makes a difference. Though five stages have been defined but people pass through them at various pace based on their individual make up. Some have denial, others are fixated on anger (at health care providers) or barganing if this or that could have been done. Ultimately grief work need … Continue reading Psychotherapy session # 16

Thoughts on graduating by Dr. Sadia Shafaq

BY : DR. SADIA SHAFAQ, D.P.T., BATCH III. “Warmest congratulations to all the graduates of 2017 from Ziauddin University.” Asalam o Alaikum, Today, we were gathered to celebrate this momentous convocation for our graduates from different colleges of Ziauddin University. Before I delve into how amazing this experience has been, I would like to request the audience to give a great round of applause to all the achievers of Ziauddin University for surviving through this tough ride and emerging victoriously. Life at Ziauddin has been a combination of several highs and lows. But what makes this institution distinguished as a … Continue reading Thoughts on graduating by Dr. Sadia Shafaq