Musings of life.

‘There is so much security in belonging to a structured curriculum. When life really becomes real, you realise that now I have to start making choices and be something. Even though we grew up thinking ‘when I graduate I’ll be a doctor; I’ll be something’, but it isn’t like that at all. Something a lot of people don’t realise, is that you’re living a lot of your life for other people. Even in becoming a doctor, whether your family wanted you to, or you wanted to yourself, you feel like you’re making everyone around you proud. But there comes a point … Continue reading Musings of life.

An unsent letter to heaven.

BY: SHEETAL GEHRA, B.D.S., BATCH VIII. “I went ahead to touch their feet; but this time, they were cold. As I clutch the cake in my hand, I know, their blessings weren’t”. I will turn 20 this year. From the singular to plural years of my life, many people came and left, But you both were there. Maybe Papa missed few birthdays owing to work commitments but you both made sure that I got your regards that day and on every other auspicious occasion. Now I hope I continue to feel this emptiness every year on my birthday. I hope … Continue reading An unsent letter to heaven.

The End.

BY: USMAN ZIA, M.B.B.S., BATCH XX. “It feels like, I was sent into this world to find you… and I did. I tried to give you what you deserve and, God… you deserve so much. Our paths intertwined as if the universe itself made sure to bring us close to each other. I might sound a bit selfish here, but I don’t want them to turn it off. What I’m going to say right now is probably the only thing that I’ve never said in my life. I just have to say it once. I’ll leave you then. I love … Continue reading The End.

Dance is how I choose to express myself..

“Ambitious but not arrogant”. That is one of my father’s many golden advice which I live by. I was eight when I first got entranced by dance. I began doing many forms like MJ, hiphop etc. The age of sixteen marked the beginning of what became a significant part of my life; I started breakdancing, garnering inspiration from Youtube videos. Breakdance is a class of dance which requires strenuous practice, taking not mere days or months to learn, rather years. You fall and fail a lot and hurt yourself in the process but you have to brush it off and … Continue reading Dance is how I choose to express myself..

the eternity of your forever

BY: ARFA MASIHUDDIN, M.B.B.S., BATCH XX. This is a nice view, isn’t it? So much like all of us – standing afar but a little too close to the Light, peeking out from the stone walls, trying to look for something that will take you where you want to be. And amdist the confusion, the blur of people, the chaos of questions – between all that was and all that could be – you stand there, alone. You feel distant, don’t you? Like you’re the only one who knows that spring is coming, as Gilbert would have said. You know … Continue reading the eternity of your forever

Finding flaws is very easy

2. I want to develop ownership in the students, that they belong to Ziauddin University and that this university is theirs for their lifetime. As students from other universities keep it with them and feel proud to be an alumnus of a university, I want to develop this feeling in the students here too, because I haven’t seen it in many alumni. This place is very good, it is far better than other places, and I know that there are many loopholes and issues but the students should come together to try to fix the problems, instead of just pointing … Continue reading Finding flaws is very easy