BY : HAMNA KAMRAN, M.B.B.S., BATCH XXII. I awake to the delectable aroma of Sheer, wafting through the slightly ajar door of my room. The slight glimmer of the sun visible over the window is consolating today, since it does not make me squint. There is something exuberant and festive about the air. It is in that moment the truth hits me, and I throw off the comforter with vigour, as I leap off the bed with a cry of “IT’S EID!” The soft jingle of my mother’s bangles and clatter of heels, precede her. She brings with her my new crisply … Continue reading IT’S EID.

Transient Hypofrontality

I’ve only performed on stage before an audience twice. Both times have been in the Talent Show at Ziauddin. My previous performances were very professional, there are no cheering crowds when I’m doing my routine, the only sound coursing through my eardrums is that of music. However; on Stage, is a demonstration. Contrary to poplular belief, it doesn’t distract me, instead the energy of people makes me want to do better. How I do this is by not responding to the external clamour with mental commentary. Focus is integral for it; studies show that the frontal lobe of the brain … Continue reading Transient Hypofrontality

Forensics – Part 2

“I think when you’re in this subject, there are two things that can happen. Either you just stop believing in God at all, or you do and with that really understand the actual spirit of life. And I’ve seen people in forensics on both opposites of the spectrum. Being in this department and having seen all that I have, it has made me realize that it’s only the love you give and the good deeds you perform that last. That’s why things like being bitter, or hating people, or expressing anger or abusive language; these things aren’t going to help … Continue reading Forensics – Part 2