When Goodbyes are Overdue.

BY: VASHMA JUNAID, M.B.B.S., BATCH XXII. I had my heart set on a story or two A barricade, a blood oath, and maybe a betrayal But treading on this path I learned painfully That no other’s story is told in your portrayal They’re all buried instead Skin deep second guesses take over this revelation And I find myself caught in this crossfire of rue Your eyes plead for mercy you’ve never yourself shown There’s unease in this air and guilt in these wounds How do you salvage what’s gone for good? A hundred drums beat on in the background of … Continue reading When Goodbyes are Overdue.

Varices in my Soul.

BY : ALI ABBASI, D.P.T., BATCH VII. Oh! How the impure blood seeps out. How it swells, and stops time. Your face etched on every wall of mine; Your voice thundering in my hollows. Oh how your touch burns me inside! Oh how your memories make me cry. Stasis of emotions on my face; regret awash on the edges of it. The angles dampened by the grief, the slow halo around my soul. Oh how it shows the sadness glowing in it! Oh the broken heart I hold in my palms, etched with your name. With your name. Continue reading Varices in my Soul.

You never know.

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I had an amazing childhood and we were the perfect family. When I was 11 years old, my father suddenly passed away. He was one of a kind. He was loving and gentle; hilarious and friendly. His loss was immense, and it left a gaping hole in our hearts forever. My mother is my hero. She’s the strongest woman I know. I’d say she’s a warrior. After my father passed away she started working for an NGO and dedicated all her time working for orphaned children, but at the same time giving … Continue reading You never know.

Content Nostalgia.

BY : ARFA MASIHUDDIN, M.B.B.S., BATCH XX. This post first appeared here. When I first read this poem, it seemed strangely familiar, a bitter-sweet expression to define all that lies between who we were and who we are. I once lived under a sky that was teaching me to love each of its hues one by one. And then suddenly, without warning, it decided to change its course. The heart was suddenly homeless. That happens to all of us, doesn’t it? To see a loved one struggle with the burden of breathing – and even living, even loving – kills … Continue reading Content Nostalgia.