BY : RAAMIZ NAEEM, M.B.B.S., BATCH XXIII. I look around me, and I cannot tell if I carry about a gaping hole, or an insatiable inlet. It seems to me that we are born incomplete, the final piece of our transcendence hidden beyond the womb. So forgive me if I laugh, at the arrogance of the world’s children, hastening to complete their own personal puzzle. But do any of them even realize that, united by one goal, they must be divinely segregated, according to the shape of their apertures? Let’s agree, then, to gaze into the hole is maddening. For … Continue reading FINDING THE PUZZLE PIECE.


BY : MARYAM AKHTAR, D.P.T., BATCH VII. The rain didn’t cease, and I was soaked, I begged for him to stay, but I never hoped. He went limp, and a black rose bloomed, The colors of death and agony groomed. All the gifts and love I had gotten, But then me, he had forgotten. That night, my heart had sunk, And I couldn’t fall asleep on my bunk. They thought I didn’t know, Cause I never took the bow. Mercy, day and night we prayed, Only his departure delayed. For the true mercy he had pleaded, Was death, to his … Continue reading CANCER.

Dear Bike, Let’s Talk.

BY: DR. HAFSA MAHIDA, LECTURER, ZIAUDDIN COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY. I engaged myself in a conversation with a bike. It could have been with a pony or a car or motorbike. But this was a bike and for all reasons I hereby name it Life. So, this Life and I reconnected after years and the very first thing she did to me was throw me off-balance. I fell backwards and with me domino-toppled all the bikes standing behind. “What the hell was that for!” I yelled and laughed. “That hurt, Life! I’ve got to sit on this butt!” “You need to … Continue reading Dear Bike, Let’s Talk.

It won’t make you less of a man

BY: HAMZA SYED, M.B.B.S., BATCH XXI. But you’re just a woman, he said. The very life that formed inside her womb dared to question her potential. The hands that fed him, the arms in which he sought comfort and the fingers he held in order to walk, weren’t those that of a woman? It’s easy for you to say those things, because you weren’t stared at by random men when you turned twelve. When you finished high school, college was the next big plan; but despite her wishes to pursue her art, they forced her to wed another man. And … Continue reading It won’t make you less of a man