This is the official blog of the Ziauddin University Atlas, the premier student-run publication of the Ziauddin University.

An atlas is a collection of maps – a 2-D representation of reality. It serves as a lodestar, a guide for the weary traveler through dark nights and unfamiliar waters. The Ziauddin Atlas hopes to achieve the aims of cartographers of yore. We hope to take the complex thoughts and dreams that characterize the student body of Ziauddin University and chart them on a map; an atlas that can be held in your hands and perused at leisure.

It aims to serve as a navigator for our students as they make their way through the often turbulent topography of university and young adulthood. Atlas, as any student of Greek mythology, will tell you, was a Titan cursed by the gods to forever hold up the world on his shoulders. We see the Ziauddin Atlas performing a similar task – quietly underpinning the university with its regular snapshots of the opinions and events that matter to the students of this college. Much like the anatomical Atlas that holds our heads highs.

Unlike our mythical namesake, however, we do not see this a burden – rather it’s a labor of love, a humbling responsibility, and an institution that we wish to pass on to our fellows.

From a word — from an idea — it’s now a tangible publication of ink and paper that lies in libraries and school bags and in your hands, dear reader, for whom we embarked on this voyage. Thank you for your heartfelt contributions and your unwavering support.

Shahzeb Najam,
M.B.B.S., Batch XVIII