Rantings of a Doctor to be

BY: MUSEERA IRFAN, B.D.S., BATCH IX. My biology professor once said: a true science lover a doctor at heart would have a myriad of biological references swimming in her mind, just before bed time questions and inquisitiveness parading her thoughts as she falls asleep to the anatomy of humans and their functional malfunctions interrogating their essence and summing the variations in genetics so why is it, that just before my eye lashes kiss my cheeks for good a plethora of colours and words: scarlet red, lilac and emerald green verbs, adjectives, similes short phrases and long winded sentences a thousand … Continue reading Rantings of a Doctor to be


BY : MARYAM AKHTAR, D.P.T., BATCH VII. The rain didn’t cease, and I was soaked, I begged for him to stay, but I never hoped. He went limp, and a black rose bloomed, The colors of death and agony groomed. All the gifts and love I had gotten, But then me, he had forgotten. That night, my heart had sunk, And I couldn’t fall asleep on my bunk. They thought I didn’t know, Cause I never took the bow. Mercy, day and night we prayed, Only his departure delayed. For the true mercy he had pleaded, Was death, to his … Continue reading CANCER.