How engaging was the last book that you read? And that movie you finally got the time to munch popcorns over? Which artist’s painting stood out for you on that art exhibition you attended last month? Any particular song that resonates with you?
You guessed it right, dearest readers! It’s time for another new category to be added to our menu: ‘Reviews’.


Share with us exciting reviews of the latest book that you’ve read, or a movie that made you smile (or cry!), or tell us how you view your favourite painting, or why a certain song should be on everyone’s playlist.

The fun in life lies in trying out new things, and we would love to try out what you like!
Your reviews await us at You may also inbox them to us, complete with your FULL NAME, BATCH, and PROGRAM, and a clear picture of the book/the cover of the movie/painting/the cover of the song.
Requests for anonymity will be entertained. Please do note that content containing profanity, or any sort of abuse and violence will NOT be published.
In eager anticipation of your submissions,

Arfa Masihuddin,
M.B.B.S., Batch XX,
Editor-in-Chief, 2016-2017.

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