Stars and heaven above; earth and hell below
I tread between thee, beaten, bruised, unbowed and unbent
Picked apart by ravenous vultures and men alike
Torn asunder between blurred lines and gray areas
Who do I believe in, what do I believe in?
The explanations of men and god alike do not satisfy my hunger.
My hunger for what I want; fairness
Yet there exist painful loopholes in the systems of man and god.
I wait and I wait and I have become weary of waiting for something that won’t happen
For someone who won’t come
Alas I realize that all I have is my own self
All I have is my own dwindling fire
All I have is my own strength
Kindling is running out fast and I feel the iron grip of the cold all around me
I have my own warmth and I have my own feet
This path is mine alone to walk; strangers will become friends and friends will become strangers
To what end I am headed to, I do not know
Who I shall meet I do not know. But to whom may cross my path: I pray that you find good in me
To those who wish to see me bent on my knees: I have weathered the nightmares conjured by my own mind, you seek your own destruction in wanting to destroy me.
Come and dine with me beside my fire as a friend and fellow traveler, teach me that which I do not know and I shall teach you to let go of that which you fear to lose the most
I shall teach you that in this world there is always space for the happiness that which we can spread and the love that which we can share
Together, fellow traveler, we will be the staunchest of allies until our roads take us to different places and to the company of different people
For that is the nature of people; they can either die or they can leave
But behind they leave their mark, both good and bad
I walk my own path, wherever it may lead. I am not lost for I do not have a destination
Come join me and together we shall raise heaven and hell, god and devil, love and hate alike!

About the author: Ahad Khattak’s eccentric skill set ranges from drawing to lock-picking and he thoroughly believes that the light of hope is the bane of all logic and sense in a human being.






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