Living a life without any regrets seems impossible. What if you could live without regrets with the help of a letter written by your future self? Naho Takamiya is your average high school girl having loving friends and a happy life until she receives a letter from her future self ten years down the lane. The letter asks her to make decisions that would lead to her living a life without any regrets. Making new friends along the way and dealing with every day issues head on is one thing that this anime taught me.


It also shows how taking care of your friends and loved ones is so important. You never know what you have until you’ve lost it. Even though we can’t go back in time, or correct our past mistakes, we can, however, learn from those mistakes and try to live a life doing what must be done and what will make oneself and others happy.

Link to the anime:

Trying to keep herself and everyone else around her happy, Aleena is currently a third year medical student who also likes to sing … A LOT! 




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