Does life truly imitate art or is it the other way around? A comparison between Room 707 from the manga and our very own fifth floor at the Ziauddin University. PHOTO: BY THE AUTHORS

We don’t think there’s any one particular thing about the show that makes it so incredibly genuine and profound. You’d want to go back to it for more reasons than you can count. Everything about it is overwhelming and passionate, so utterly raw and honest. The characters might not always be relatable, but there’s something in each of them that would resonate with some part of you. Whether it’s their past, their current struggles, certain personality traits, or even just their opinions. Something just clicks, and you feel like you’re inside their souls.

One of the things we loved most about it was the narration. The way the episodes would start with a deep thought and end with a continuation of that same thought, and how what they would speak of could sometimes hit you so hard that you’d feel like a piece of you that you had buried somewhere deep has taken form and you can’t do anything but wait for the feelings to settle themselves down. Sometimes we were so touched before the episode would even end that we thought we’d go mad if we didn’t pen down our feelings as soon as possible in that moment – it was that engaging for us!

The music is so cleverly constructed that you might think the actual characters in the anime composed them for their own bands. In every episode, it starts at the perfect moment and leaves you wondering what’ll happen next. Despite the lyrics being in Japanese, you are made to feel as if you can actually understand the theme of every song, every line. And let’s not forget how the melody resonates with you even as the episode ends and the screen fades to black. The anime was based on a manga but the music suits it all so very well. An added bonus is that the artists look somewhat like the characters they lend their voices to. It’s music that stays with you. Even after the anime has run out of episodes and the manga has run out of volumes.

The genre is josei, but the artwork is very unlike typical shojou  manga/anime. Because the mangaka Ai Yazawa was once enrolled in a fashion school, all her works have striking aspects of punk style juxtaposed with glamour. A visual treat to compliment the character development that progresses with the story.

The story is beautiful, too. Unpredictable most of the time and realistic yet amusing in many aspects. You feel incomplete and hollow yet yearnful when it’s over like you don’t want it to end yet. You’re left with so many unanswered questions as well as no choice but to open up the volume of the manga the story last ended on and continue your journey to get those answers. It makes you crave even more of its beautifully honest essence. And that is timeless.

Overall, it’s an anime that we know we’ll crave rewatching as the years go by because it captures the ironies of life and follies we possess as human beings and turns them into art that breaks your heart but heals it, too.

We’ve also attached a link to the Manga.
Dear Reader, you’ll need this handy when you’ve finished the anime. Trust us. And no looking up Nana related posts on Tumblr or any other platform at all! The spoilers kill the effect, you know!

Link to the anime:
Link to the manga:


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