Friend or a Foe





Friend or a foe. Who do you need?

In this age, this so-called ‘modern age’, we are merely living as ‘passengers.’ A passenger who knows and believes in the ultimate destination, but acts as if it is of no importance. Looking at the world, with a crude mindset, we look for loopholes and shortcuts to get to the top; to achieve success overnight, to become what we have always aspired. But even with that compressed state of mind, we look for people who make us realise our true potential. They give us that drive, that energy; that self-belief to commit feats that we are capable of. And that person can either be a friend or a foe.

The irony, or shall I say, the fascination, is that the people who come in our lives arrive at specific intervals. It’s a message system from the Almighty in making us decipher the unraveled mystery of our own. When these ‘passengers’ come in our neighborhood, we start to wonder about the purpose of their arrival. We start to judge, ponder, and analyse the person and before we know it we become ‘acquaintances.’

The phrase ‘acquaintance’ is a very strong word and it is taken for granted, and I believe this is where the ball gets rolling. The phase of acquaintance is where you make or break. It is where you find inner peace. It is where you start to open your mind. And, most importantly it is where you start to get ‘expectations.’

When the ‘phase of expectation’ initiates, one starts to believe that the ‘bond of friendship’ has been established. You start to share things, you go out to different places, you eat out, you spend time together, you ridicule each other and have fun in whatever you do. Now these particular exercises happen with a lot of people in your circle and you start calling them your friends; your good mates; your allies, and this is where the problem initially starts.

Not knowing what will happen in the future, the ‘phase of trust’ now initiates. Knowing the fact that, the person who you were once acquainted with, is now ‘hypothetically’ your friend and knows all the secrets, it is inevitable that you establish an allegiance of trust. If the trust is based on solid and concrete things – which are different for different people- then that is ‘true friendship’ and if the trust is based on leaky and weak things then that particular scenario can ignite a fire. The question now is “Friend or a Foe – Who do you need?”

Before any explanations, friend and foe are both human, and as human beings, we are bound to make mistakes. A human is a very beautiful being. A creation, so intricate and unique that it demands to be assessed; analysed; examined.

To choose between a friend or foe, the human mind comes into play. And this is where you start to brainstorm and that is where you start to analyse. With analysis, you always try to look for beneficial things. When an evil mastermind plots a plan, he will look for positive outcomes rather than negative, knowing that the purpose of the activity is a false one. He would want his plan to be successful. Similarly, analysis of anything only promotes positive thinking, and positive thinking is what this society needs. Being a pessimist will not only degrade but also will the person to have a compressed mindset. Rather than setting higher goals, go for realistic choices and make those choices the cornerstone for development.

When you think good, you look good and when you look good, you feel good. People evolve every day, and at the end, it is the right mindset which will always prevail.

“It is not who you are underneath, but the work you do that defines you” (Batman Begins)

About the author: With a passion for writing, Syed Saad Shafqat Bukhari looks to inspire and motivate people through his work. Currently studying for a final year BDS student, Saad is a passionate football fan and a patriot of the highest order.


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