Dear Writer



Dear Writer,

Why do you hesitate? What about your creation makes you so ashamed of sharing, what part of your soul transformed into words are you afraid of releasing?

Dear Writer,

Why do you let your sanity slip from your hands by hiding all that consumes you? Why do you not wish to let your heart scream every monody it has withheld from the wind that can carry it to a soul that sings the same song?

Dear Writer,

Why do you conceal your rendition of every lifetime you’ve ever lived? Why do you repress the words you’ve colored with hurt and dressed with love? Why do you not let more wanderers explore your escape?

Dear Writer,

What is it about your fervent reveries that makes you jittery when you think of them running towards another’s heart? What is it about your existence you’ve poured into your creations that makes you keep them from every spirit they could touch?

Dear Writer,

I think I know.

Dear Writer,

I feel the same.

Dear Writer,

I live within those thoughts, too. Every montage I have ever stroked across a browning page with a shaking hand and sentiment that even I do not understand is a gateway to a sanity that will never truly be mine. Every pen I have ever picked up has been my friend in a binding poison that keeps me alive.

Dear Writer,

Your flaws are not your own, your loneliness is not alone. We’ve all traveled down some part of the same road, hoping our words will become our roar. But writer, oh dear writer, your words are your strength.

Dear Writer,

Strength is not your weapon, strength is your warmth. And warmth is best embraced after a storm.

Dear Writer,

The world is cold, please share your warmth.


About the author: I talk a lot about getting my act together but really, I just aspire to be punny.  


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