As a tempestuous breeze ardently brushes against our bodies
Your gentle caresses battle the frost that sweeps through my skin
Leaving behind a trail of scars that ache, and a promise is fulfilled

Tonight, the blinding stars have found an asylum in the abysmally dark sky
Guiding us through a labyrinth of carnal desires, away from the fear of goodbyes
And into a beyond where a lustful hunger resides begging to be satisfied

The paradisal light in your inescapable eyes speaks the language of demons
And the words you whisper wreak havoc somewhere deep within my mind,
Rendering me imprisoned in a godless realm where only the broken survive

Your beast brings mine to life, with a vow to remain timelessly intertwined
Yet as the colours of dawn erupt across the horizon, the fight within us dies
We find ourselves tethered but only to a dream that’s a nightmare in disguise.

About the author: Maneuvering my way through med school while simultaneously trying to capture hope and a sort of emotional tranquility that one can only find while juggling with words.


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