The Deathly Hallows




“Since the first breath of the first mortal till the last breath of the last mortal, the Deathly Hallows will continue to haunt the life and happiness of all,” the teacher began.

“The Resurrection Stone, the Cloak of Invisibility, the Elder Wand,” a voice from the back signified that the unordinary was a powerful magnet.

“Absolutely right you are, my child!”

If the group of medical students in that class thought that this was a usual physiology class, they were wrong. This was a class on the physiology of the soul.

“The Resurrection Stone. Legend says that this Stone has the power to recall others from Death. Do you know what that is? Past. Your past, dear children, is the Resurrection Stone.

Why was the Stone created? To bring back the girl who was loved dearly by the inventor of the Stone. But the inventor soon realized that she was unhappy in the world of the Living, away from where she belonged.

That’s it. That’s really it.

Your past is what you often go back to, injuring yourself. Why do you go down that lane? Because just like the inventor wanted his girl, you want those little moments, those joyful moments that made you feel alive. But do you realize that just like that girl, these ‘moments of happiness’, these ‘bitter-sweet memories’ are unhappy where they do not belong? Do you realize that? And just like the girl’s unhappiness killed him, it will kill you too if you don’t let go of it. There’s a fine line between living in the past and an occasional trip down the memory lane.”

The silence in the classroom was the Professor’s unsought answer.

“The Invisibility Cloak,” the Professor continued, “is a garment that renders one invisible. It hides you from everything and everyone – grief and loss and enemies. Wear it when you want to, throw it off when you are ready to face the world. And that – the Invisibility Cloak – is your present.”

The slow breathing of so many mortals who had just discovered how dead they were, hung heavily in the room, turning on the Light of Introspection.

“And finally, the Elder Wand. The most powerful wand in existence? Yes. Unique? Yes. And that is your future,” the Professor whispered. Everyone heard him.

“You have the Elder Wand, each one of you, and that Elder Wand is your ability to make the decisions of your life. Each one of you here is physically, intellectually, emotionally and spirituality unique, breathing different lives, slaying different dragons, dancing to different tunes…that’s how you have the Elder Wand. Your future. Your future is your Elder Wand.”

The silence prevailed.

“Master these Deathly Hallows, kids. Master these. Otherwise, you’ll only find peace in death, and leave behind regrets of a life not lived, of words not spoken, of happiness not cherished, of pride not honored. And death, is grief-stricken itself, pfft!”

This lecture was an undeclared success. He knew that. And he was right.

The knots of the past and future. The love of present. The scent of rust. The mist of purity.

*Inspired by J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter Series.

About the author: Robbins for breakfast, Elif Shafak for lunch, ArfaMasihuddin.WordPress.Com for dinner. 


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