Happy Rain Gone


The rain poured down heavy and after a long while, so it was pretty eventful, to say the least.
The six reached the rooftop, battered, bruised, tired and with heavy hearts.
The rain poured down hard on them, washing away the dirt and impurities, leaving them clean spiritually.
Each one said, I think the rain will stop soon and then we move on, but each hoping in his heart the rain keeps going on and on.
For the briefest of the moment everything was forgotten, every malice, complain and what was wrong. All that mattered was the here and now, truly living in the moment, that everyone talks the world about.
The rain slowed so they got a move on, to make their trip to a local tea bar an adventure to live.
The six navigated their way through the wet and muddy road, acting like explorers and feeling like seven-year-olds.
The band kept on moving, of which one referred to as being seven, though they were six, talking about books, past experiences, girls, future and the life they live.
They drank their tea, in front of a bank a bank with drops of rain still pouring on their heads occasionally
Some were silent and some talked, sharing their philosophy on life,
But one thing was certain; in their heart of hearts, each was satisfied.


About the author : It is my belief that as a writer, one should rather observe than judge.


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