Biochemistry-A Beautiful Lie



Biochemistry – a term synonymous with incomprehensible has been a chatter amongst the ‘angst’ age group. The formidable stage, more commonly known as ‘pre-med’ level, may recognise biochemistry as Organic Chemistry, whose chief focus is chronicling our demise as academics.
Any individual with an intelligent quotient of Forrest Gump would appreciate the difference between things that are intellectually capacitating and the morally disproving. Biochemistry somehow falls in both categories, so it’s rather difficult to make apt judgements.

What is this peculiarity, you ask? Is it the insurmountable indecipherable chemicals and their derivatives or is it the modern day version of going into forests to forage nuts and berries? It’s a Shinigami look alike that stalks you from the shadows and feeds off your happiness, the clingy individual that’ll suffocate-hug you while whispering “Ssh, I is your friend now” (Yes, persona lacking grammatical prowess is intentional), if it were a novel written by the likes of John Sparks or Nicholas Green it’d be titled “P.s. I tolerate you.”

When you have proven your inaptitude beyond the reasonable doubt, you turn to the “it’s not you, it’s me” stratagem. In this case it’s biochemistry that gets to plays the ruse. Anytime I hear “easy”, “fun” etc in conjunction with Biochemistry, this particular scene from Jurassic World vividly plays in my head; woman named Claire running from a T-Rex in heels. Now I, as woman who has to chant “don’t trip, don’t fall. Conceal, don’t feel” over and over while walking on a straight path in my flats, appreciates such courage and grace because that’s what my nightmares are made of.

Many see it as a challenge to transit into this subject and some give up because they feel they lack the adequacy to tackle something like biochemistry and rightfully so. Biochemistry is usually considered the least intellectually challenging subject but it contains plethora of long, complicated pathways that require hours and hours of rote learning. It can be very daunting indeed. These pathways are on their own so perfect yet fragile that any misstep could be naturally catastrophic. It’s fascinating, really. Plus, acing pharmacology (the medicine part of the entire undergraduate program) is almost impossible without hands-on over physiology and biochemistry.

The system tends to follow a non-traditional curriculum, the kind that integrates all subjects module/system wise so you’d think it’s easier to cope, but it’s not. Clinical correlations do seem to make concepts easy but learning is a separate entity. In first year, we are taught genetics, protein synthesis, what have you so you’d spent hours and hours drawing out pathways, restarting it, placing the book on top of your head and hoping power of simple diffusion might make you remember some aspect of it but it’s like the time when Kylo Ren tries to control his angst during the entire length of the movie and still fails miserably.

We’re all Dr. John Watson conducting no light, in the same inflamed boat but that’s okay. Whatever learnt is not all wasted because you will experience it eventually as your year progresses… or maybe not. So whatever discipline you might be majoring in, regardless of the level you’re on, continue working hard. You might just pass, if not with flying colours. Stay in school, don’t do drugs, drive safe and Godspeed.


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