The Journey From Abroad

The Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Everything in this world has a specific kind of continuity – people come and go but life goes on.
I was born and bred in Kuwait and my family is still there. After I passed FSc. I decided to pursue higher education in Pakistan. There were many who tried to sway my mind with questions like, “Is Pakistan the best choice for higher studies? ” and “Is Pakistan even safe?”
Pakistan is, indeed, becoming a target of terrorism every day.
Initially, I too, was afraid, and then I realized if we Pakistanis are saying this, then who is going to contribute towards the country’s development? I then decided to choose Karachi as the beginning platform for the start of my career. And now, people are surprised to see me here – enjoying and growing. I live here without my family, and yet, I’m happy and satisfied. The media only shows one side of the picture – calamities. Pakistan is blessed with a lot of beauty. But, the fact is that we are not opening our eyes and are always criticizing it.
“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”
During my two years of stay in Pakistan, I have realized that my country is beautiful and peaceful. We should remove negativity from our mind and think positively. I got all my confidence from living in this beautiful country. I’m able to handle and solve my own problems without being dependent on others, though living without parents is way too difficult,but we learn a lot. And for me, life is certainly going in a way I want it to go and I’m happier.

About the author : It’s a  journey from abroad to my own country .


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