A Phone Call That Changed My Life



Every mortal being in this world has to go through a big turning point in their lives that not only teaches them an unforgettable lesson, but also changes them in irreversible ways.

My life is no different, and the turning point of my life was the phone call that brought me the devastating news of my father’s passing away. I still remember that call and how it shattered me and left me oblivious to my surroundings. That call single-handedly changed my whole perspective of the world and everything that comes along with it.

They say that the life never plays fair. Statistically, that is right, because it never listens to us, it never goes as per our plans. It does, however, gifts us jewels to live by.

After that call, I was unable to fathom the future of my life. It was as if the whole world had snapped underneath my feet and I lost every hope of impregnability. No other feeling swelled up in my heart except repugnance for everyone and everything that surrounded me. I was alone, I had no idea what I was going to do, I could not think pragmatically, but you know, there is always a reason when something is taken away from you.

I still cannot completely  believe how that one call changed my life forever, but it did.

Nonetheless, in the end, you have to get up and show adversity how strong you have become and rise bravely through that storm.

About the author : I secretly aspire to be a VS angel.


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