Prisoners Of Time


You and I, we collide where paradise becomes hell

At the speed of shooting stars, we’re nothing but empty shells

Enslaved to our wicked lusts, we were angels that fell
We’re the shadows in the dark, the wispers piercing in the silence

An illusion, where lights are blinding and dreams are vividly alive

A beyond, where we are untameable, may be even for gods real
And blissfully intertwined, we weave pleasures from pain

Synchronized and insatiable, it is over our demons that we reign

Together, far stronger than blood oaths, we bow our heads but in vain
I may be anchored to you, but it is you who makes me drown

We are mortals, immortalized by the forbidden idea of love

We surrender, only to be lamentably made prisoners of time!

About the author:  At the crossroads, where my infatuation with words and my fascination with the world of medicine remain interwoven. 



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